• Reflections Stainless Steel - Central Coast
  • Reflections Stainless Steel - Central Coast
  • Reflections Stainless Steel - Central Coast
  • Reflections Stainless Steel - Central Coast

Custom Made Stainless Steel, Glass, Cable Ballustrades & Handrails - Central Coast

Reflections Stainless Steel specialise in the design, fabrication and installation of beautiful balustrades combining supreme craftsmanship with attention to detail. Different combinations of stainless steel, glass, cables and timber are used to create an elegant, stylish and modern look to compliment its surroundings. We cover the Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle areas.

Why choose Reflections Stainless Steel ?

  • Service : Customer satisfaction is key and working callaboratively to ensure the client's vision achieved is an essential part of how we operate.
  • Attention to detail : We pride ourselves on the little things that usually can't be seen.
  • Thorough cleanup : Not leaving a mess after our jobs are completed.
  • Better finish / less discolouration : One of the few companies that treat weld area to minimise discolouration that would otherwise happen over time.
  • Hidden joins : Using countersunk screws and even hidden fixings where possible using our own unique methods and designs.
  • Innovation : Constantly striving to discover new designs, materials and machinery to provide the best products possible.
  • Experience and class : Over 18 years experience in engineering, fabrication and welding specialising in stainless steel including the highest qualification in GTAW (Tig welding) for pressure vessels.

Why the pricing of stainless steel products can vary from quote to quote?

Why stainless steel is a far better product to be used outside than timber for balustrading?

Stainless steel is commonly in 6m lengths that are straight and stay straight, timber is rarely this long and almost never straight over this length. It requires minimal maintenance to maintain its good looks which will last for years and years.

Once joined end to end or in the corners stainless steel will not move, split, warp, shrink, cup or crack because there is no glue join to fail.

After installation a stainless steel balustrade does not need more money spent on it in the way of paints, oils or sandpaper to keep it looking good which can add up over years.

Time and some skill is needed to keep timber looking at its best.

Stainless steel only requires a quick wash down with soapy water and only if needed.

Stainless steel will not leech tanins that can stain render and tiles.

Timber finishing coats do not last long if applied incorrectly and not applied following manufacturers specifications. For example, some common coatings should not be applied in full sun, have narrow temperature restrictions for optimum application and minimum drying times between coats that make single day installation difficult.

Blistered finish coat that will require sanding back and recoating.

Timber leeching tanins and staining render.